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Professional Appearances

Have you ever had a very professional looking individual walk into your office for a sales presentation only to be let down by the materials they present? Many focus on the individual’s appearance and forget about the looks of the literature being used to explain the sale.


I have seen the best concepts go to waste on grainy graphics, overwhelming designs and misspelled promotions. The consumer doesn’t even read the message because the errors are so distracting.


Before sending something, always be sure to peer edit! Your peers are the perfect resource for opinions and grammar checking. Our office always utilizes peer editing prior to sending out promotions, especially with the amount of daily promotions being sent. We are very honest with each other and know that all opinions are meant to better every promotion.


If you are an office of only one, find a friend or ally that will give you an honest opinion.  Sometimes more heads are truly better than one!


Have you ever had this experience with a promotion you have received? Please send in your posts!


Erin Greskovich, Operations Manager, Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce


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