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Social Media Etiquette

Write a BLOG on LinkedIn! Post something on Facebook! Publish a funny photo on Instagram! With so many options available for communication, many find themselves with their heads in their phones and not thinking logically about the world around them.

Some do not realize the cross between personal information and business professionalism. The most common problem I see is those that “friend” clients on Facebook. It is completely understandable that individuals want to use this form of social media to post personal information to be shared with friends. The lines start to cross when those that are looking to you as a professional see information that makes you appear less credible. For instance, I wouldn’t want to see my roofer out drinking with his friends the night before he is to be at my house. Is he going to do the best job he can the next day? Probably not. If I see my realtor ranting and raving about something trivial, I may question her character.

As a business professional one must decide what is best for their work/ social life. If you are comfortable showing all your clients your Facebook page during a presentation, then friending them may not be a bad idea. If you had to think about this, even for a moment, then creating a divide may be necessary.

I made this decision when I started my career many years ago when Facebook was less popular. Although I do not post anything I would not want others to see, I wanted my personal life to stay personal. I do not friend clients, not because I do not like them, but because I want them to know me on a more professional level.  I did, however, make my LinkedIn open to all clients that would like to connect with me. Everything on LinkedIn is business related and all BLOGS that I write are also posted on The Chamber of Commerce website.

 I challenge you to look back on your social media avenues and see where your professionalism may be questioned. If you see a blurred line, take the time this week and fix it!

Erin Greskovich, Operations Manager, Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce

BLOG Question: Have you ever had a bad experience mixing business and professional social media?



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