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Political Policy


The policy of the Coral Springs Chamber regarding political campaigns is to remain neutral.

We do not support/endorse individual candidates.

We do not allow campaign materials (buttons, yard signs, stickers, brochures etc) to be distributed or left at the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce or at any of our events.

Coral Springs Chamber staff is not permitted to wear any campaign materials while conducting business of the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce. They are also discouraged from having bumper stickers and other public displays of support for candidates.

Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce Board Members that choose to run for elected office must take a leave of absence from the Board until after the election and if elected submit resignation.

During election years the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce does the following:

  1. Meet with any candidate who is interested in hearing about issues important to the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce at Government Affairs meetings held bi-monthly at the Chamber office. 

  2. Using the methods listed below, the Coral Springs Chamber provides opportunities for members to participate in the political process by being knowledgeable of candidates, providing information about candidates to employers that can be passed along to their employees and providing information regarding voter registration.

                   a. Offer opportunities for chamber members to meet candidates and hear their stances on business issues through
                        forums & debates and at the Chamber’s one (1) “ Meet the Candidates”  afterhours.

                   b. Inform chamber members of candidate’s responses to business issues through our Question of the Week email series.

                   c. Encourage members to register to vote.