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I have been involved with the Chamber since moving to Florida in 2004.  Once I started actively attending the many functions available to members, I started to see the value of membership almost immediately.  The Chamber has helped me to create more brand awareness for the Bank, provided the environment and events for me to meet many new business contacts, and make lifetime friendships.  I cannot overstate the benefits I have received professional and personally through my involvement with the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce. 

Senior Vice President, Regional Executive
New York Community Bank


 DECA & BPA Testimonials

Leadership Testimonial

Being in the Leadership institute has been such a valuable experience for me. I learned that being a leader is not always taking the lead, it is working with others and excelling with an amazing group of people, like the Leadership class I was privileged to be in.  I also learned that age, race, and educational differences were not barriers or inhibitors of great friendships. I am a rising senior in high school and don’t have the same experience or same age as the rest of the remarkable people in my class, but that was not an obstacle in forging some lifelong friendships and creating a leadership family.

 Lauren Hausman, Stoneman Douglas High School DECA Student 


Rebranding Experience:

I’m Lauren Hausman. I’m a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school and the Co-President of our DECA Chapter. This year for my DECA competition I competed with a partner in a 30 page Business Operations Research Event, where we had to rebrand a business. My partner and I created a rebranding plan for the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce. Working with the executives, researching the Chamber, and receiving member feedback was an incredible experience. The Chamber is such an incredible organization. The Chamber executives are not only dedicated, but have a great sense of humor. My partner and I learned so much about the Chamber and learned valuable skills about marketing and research. We were so privileged to work with such an incredible organization like the Chamber. Everyone was so cooperative, enthusiastic, and kind. I never expected to like a project for school, but rebranding the Chamber was a really creative and fun experience.

 Lauren Hausman, Stoneman Douglas High School DECA Student 



"Being a member of the coral spring chamber of commerce has been such a rewarding experience not only professionally but personally   When I joined the chamber 10 years ago I never realized how my life would change!  I now
have a hug network of people I can call when I need something and I know I can trust that it will be done and done right! This had been the best investment of my time and money!"

Yours in Good Health,




"When I joined the chamber, I never realized how much of a difference it would make in both my professional and my personal life. The Coral Springs Chamber not only helps to maximize my exposure to the business community, but it is a place where I have made friends and that is more important in life. People always look to do business with people they enjoy, I get to do business with my friends."

Bruce Weinberg
Weinberg & Company, P.A.



"When starting a new business, networking is widely regarded as a key to get going.  Funds for advertising are slim, and probably not even a good investment for a private consultant.  I am looking for solid long-term clients, not trying to sell a copy of a software program or widget.

One suggestion I kept hearing was “join the Chamber of Commerce”.  Since I am taking the plunge on my 3Deers consulting business, I checked out the local chapter in Coral Springs.  Wow, I am amazed at how everyone from members to the chamber itself has been so friendly and helpful.

A neighbor, Paul Kavanagh of Edward Jones, invited me as a guest to an event.  He was great in helping break the ice and do some introductions.  It is not easy going into a room of strangers to pitch a new business, but I quickly learned everyone else is there for the same reason.   Almost like a dating scene where people gather to sell themselves.  Instead of love, people gather to meet for business.

At the event, I met great folks like Richard Gerber of Bryason Realty Corporation.  Richard made sure I knew about the many referral groups and invited me to attend.  The referral groups are where I meet other business leaders in a more intimate environment on a routine basis.

My next event was a Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce “Wake Up Breakfast”.  This was a large event sponsored by Al Hendrickson Toyota.  Again, everyone was very friendly and working to help each other.  The folks from Al Hendrickson did a nice presentation and even made an interesting offer.

Claudia Manick from Al Hendrickson Toyota offered to do “gift baskets” for charity.  I am the head of the men’s group at St. Mary Magdalene Church and we had an event coming up which included a silent auction.  I boldly approached Claudia to see if the offer was for real. Well, Claudia could not have been more gracious.  Not knowing me other than someone at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, she was thrilled to help.  I received the donation and it was the hit of the auction.

Starting a new company has many challenges, and getting to know people and sell oneself is certainly a big one for me.  Whether it is Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce personnel like Amanda Gecse, or ambassadors like Paul, Richard and Claudia, folks have been fantastic.  Like neighbors helping neighbors, with Coral Springs it really has been Chamber helping Chamber."

Perry Patterson

"The Chamber has had a huge impact on my business. I have come to know a “regular” crowd that I didn’t have before. Also, word of mouth is the best way to advertise. The groups of people that make up our chamber have sent many guests my way and have had nothing but positive things to say! Thank you for all the help!!"

Mark Fenton
Bonefish Grill

"The Chamber is the reason Broward College is here in Coral Springs. Eight years ago we joined the Chamber, went on the Education Committee, was directed to EDF. Subsequently, we offered college credit courses at the Charter School and here we are."

Jerry Schwartz
Broward College

"I have managed to meet so many wonderful people and have gained more business and referral business as time has gone by. I enjoy very much helping the chamber and being involved in as many boards and activities as possible. This has enabled me to gain respect from my peers and become a recommended leader in the community. 

I would not drive the 72 mile round trip to Coral Springs if it was not for the Chamber and the people I have met through all the events and social events. Even those put on by local Non for Profits.
I love to see businesses succeed and this way I manage to help them grow through PNC Bank and the Chamber... Lastly I love the staff... Cindy, Jess and Karma.. They are so much fun and always helpful....."

Mark FitzGerald, V.P.
Business Banking
PNC Bank




"Through the chamber not only have I created many new contacts, I have found it to be a great source of information about local events and the city."

Diana Farrar
Oma's Garden Flower Shop


"The Coral Springs Chamber has given Family Central multiple opportunities to benefit our agency over the years. The various events and committees alone have provided the networking to help give name recognition to our agency.  My involvement in Chamber committees and the Board has brought interest in yearly donations during the holidays for our clients and particularly the children who have greatly benefited from our members generosity. The last few years the connections with Mark Fitzgerald at PNC bank has brought many reciprocal business opportunities which most recently resulted in a grant for financial literacy with the preschool children at our C-QuELL (Community for Quality in Early Learning and Literacy) programs.  It has definitely been an asset for Family Central to be a member of the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce!"

Cindi Watts

Family Central

"For me the best thing about the Trustee experience has been getting to know other business leaders of the community.  In turn, others have become more familiar with me, my business and are comfortable contacting me for their personal purchases and for referrals. Of the Chambers in the County, the Coral Springs Chamber would most likely be rated amongst the top Chambers due to its organizational structure and exceptionally strong Trustee Program."


Al Hendrickson, Sr.

Al Hendrickson Toyota


"I LOVE the Chamber!  I have been a member for years and cultivated many wonderful business and personal relationships.  As the Mayor, I am proud of our development of community and business leaders.  There is always an ambassador available to coach and integrate a new member.  The Chamber is an extended family and has contributed a great deal to my own success.  GO CHAMBER!"


Scott J. Brook, Esquire
Scott J. Brook, P.A.



"I have had great experiences since joining the Chamber afternoon referral group.  I met some really great people there.  Business didn’t come to me right away, however after about a year, I got a referral which turned out to be my largest customer.  It was referred by a person in the referral group.   It was a hard piece of business to write, but it’s been with me for three years now, and it pays for everything I do in the Chamber and then some. 

The most important thing is that you can’t expect to get a lot of business overnight.  I compare it to planting a seed and watering it, then it grows into a tree.  It doesn’t happen overnight, so you have to have staying power and understand that by putting yourself out there and getting to know people – business will come your way.  I don’t get tons of referrals, but the ones I do receive are really quality referrals, which is very important in my business."

Andy Kasten
Vantage Insurance Service


"I joined the Coral Springs Chamber almost 7 years ago, and I have been an extremely happy member throughout that time.  The Chamber has allowed me to network with other successful people, make valuable business contacts, and get involved in my community.  The personal and professional growth I have made in the past years is due in large part to the Chamber, and I would strongly urge any businessperson who either works or lives in the area to join."

Amir Watynski,

Watt Media, Inc.


"When we started our business in July of 2003 the first thing we did was join the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce.  My wife Wendy and I both thought it would be a great way to get involved in our community.  Little did we know at the time it would not only give our business the jump start it needed but the friendships and relationships we would make a long the way are priceless.  Wendy became very involved in some of the committees and didn’t miss any events, building relationships along the way. Within a years time our business had grown to the point that we didn’t need to advertise in the yellow pages anymore.
Does the Chamber work?  Yes!!!  As long as you work it and from our point of view, it’s worth the work."

Chip King
King Moving and Storage, Inc.

"The Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce has been good to Al Hendrickson Toyota.  Six years ago Al Sr. asked me to represent him, doing Public Relations, at Chamber networking functions.  It was all new as I entered a world that I have never known.  Walking into a room full of strangers at breakfasts and after hours I started to talk to business people from all different professions from the wonderful city of Coral Springs.  Friendships started to form and, from that, people started to talk about Toyota.  Some had complaints, some had compliments, and some were looking to buy in the near future.  They now had a contact person, someone they could go to for any of these things. More and more I began sending people from the Chamber to the dealership.  Al Hendrickson Sr. is a big believer in the Chamber and these people got to see him personally and with special care.  He in turn hosts a full breakfast each year and was the first trustee to sign up for the new program with the Coral Springs Chamber.  It has been a wonderful reciprocal relationship that keeps growing and I get to keep meeting so many new friends, and loving all the "old" ones I've met through the 6 years.  The Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce is a vibrant group of friendly people, learning about their city, networking, and growing their own business at the same time.  What a deal!!!!"

Connie Carberg

Al Hendrickson Toyota

"Being a Chamber member has so many benefits.  Discounted Ink, Auto Service, Dental, Beauty Care, Physical Fitness, Insurance, Banking, Pest Control and plenty of professionals to tap into for advice, direction or a referral to someone they know. I have had so many good experiences and enjoyed friendships with so many. My most recent Chamber experience is My Feet!  For years I have suffered from feet that go to sleep while distance walking or exercising.  At a recent Chamber ribbon cutting I discovered Foot Solutions and went to them for an evaluation and left with a reasonable and effective remedy.  If not for the Chamber, I never would have gone to them.  Chamber works by introducing you to businesses and people that you would not have met if not for the doors that being a Chamber member opened.  Being a Chamber member works and for me it solves problems."

Joy Carter

Keller Williams Partners Realty

"I am an Optometrist Physician, practicing with my partner Dr. Jeffrey Reisch for twenty five years. It has always been my passion both professionally and personally to support and be involved in community activities in Coral Springs and Parkland. We have sponsored more than 50 sports teams, donated funds to countless philanthropic organizations, provided examinations and glasses for those in need and sunglasses for silent auctions etc.
Being a member of the Coral Springs Chamber has been but a joy. I have a great time at all of the meetings and functions that the Chamber offers. If you want the Chamber to work for you, the key is to attend. You will get to know colleagues brain storm with, you can network with potential customers and you will meet people that can provide services to you. To me, it is so satisfying to use a doctor, insurance agent, real estate broker, caterer, nutrition counselor, message therapist, spa etc. with whom I have a personal relationship with the owner or operator.
I have been on the ambassador committee of the chamber for many years. The ambassadors do a great job of facilitating business relationships and starting meaningful friendships between members and guests at Chamber functions. It is very satisfying to mentor new members.
In 2006 I received the prestigious honor, Veteran Small Business Leader Award, given by the Chamber.  I sponsored a breakfast and did a lecture on new areas of laser technology in eye care. Over 150 people attended. Recently I was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Chamber. I hope to promote a greater participation and membership of the medical community in our organization. I plan to be a trustee of the chamber to further enhance the status of our practice and make even more relationships.
In summary, the Chamber and its inclusive, friendly, helpful members have become a blessed part of my life. I have profited financially and brought honor and recognition to my business and profession. Most importantly, I have made some terrific life long friends."

Dr. Mark Gendal, O.D., F.A.A.O.

Drs. Reisch & Gendal’s Vision World

"Big successes start with an idea that you are passionate about.  As the Chair of the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce several years ago, I was a proponent for a Trustee level membership within the organization. In spite of opposition, I pushed for this upper level group of chamber members that would provide a value-added benefit to members and allow us to achieve our rightful place among the most successful, recognized Chambers in the County, if not the State.
During my tenure, this was not to happen, but here we are 5 years later and, WOW, what a Trustee Group we have. Each time we do self introductions at a Chamber event, it gives me great pleasure to say I am a member of “ your “ Trustee Board and I am very proud to say that I played a part in making it happen."

Glorida J. Rossomano/SVP
Community Bank of Broward