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This 6 month series features engaging speakers from various corporations about topics that offer educational development opportunities for local businesses of all sizes.




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Often overlooked in a hurry to "go to market", a company's brand tells their story, good or bad. Learn how to ensure your brand is strong and sending the right message. In addition to a strong brand, it is critical to have a strong strategic plan in place and a way to measure success. Today's digital landscape gives us more ways to reach our audience and the metrics to know how we're doing. That’s the Bottom Line.


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Michael Weiss, Esq. Blaut Weiss Law Group

Irma Parone, Parone Group

Barbara Weinstein, Family Central, Inc.

Donna Denton, AmTrust Bank, A Division of New York Community Bank


"Excellent, excellent class!"

"I have learned so much! I really enjoyed the class."

"I found this Business Academy class quite informative! I look forward to my growth with the Chamber."

"Awesome! I learned SO much."

"Amazing! I'd like to bring even more of my students!"

"Great speakers!"

"Great guest speakers, I got lots of helpful advice and tips for the business world."